Creating Multi-role Repos

This topic describes how to create a mult-role repository that can be imported into Galaxy.

Multi-role Repositories

As the name suggests, a multi-role repository can contain many roles. Traditionally, a role is a single GitHub repository. Galaxy v3.0 introduces a tech-preview feature that enables importing a repository containing many roles.


This is a Tech-Preview feature. Future Galaxy releases may introduce breaking changes.

For the import to find the roles, you’ll need to place them in a roles subdirectory, or provide a roles symbolic link to a directory containing the roles. The following shows the directory structure of a multi-role repository:


There is no top-level meta/main.yml file in a multi-role repository; instead, each role within the roles subdirectory will have its own metadata file, and for each role, follow the guide above to create it, and set the metadata values.


Installing roles from a multi-role repository requires using mazer.

To install roles from a mutli-role repository, use the new mazer CLI tool. For more on installing content, view the Installing content.