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Reto Gantenbein
Bern, Switzerland
Followers:  22
Role Description
acme_tiny Setup and renew Let's encrypt certificates with acme-tiny
ansible-apache Manage and configure the Apache HTTP Server
ansible-checkmk_agent Setup Check_MK monitoring agent
ansible-checkmk_server Setup Check_MK monitoring server
ansible-debops Install DebOps scripts, playbooks and roles using Ansible
ansible-kibana Manage Kibana analytics and visualization platform
ansible-mariadb Install and manage a MariaDB / MySQL client
ansible-mariadb_server Install and manage a MariaDB / MySQL server
ansible-php Install and manage PHP environment
ansible-roundcube Manage Roundcube, a browser-based IMAP client written in PHP
ansible-users Create and manage user accounts using Ansible inventory
vagrant_debops Setup DebOps in a Vagrant environment