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Jeff Geerling
St. Louis, MO
Followers:  2419
Role Description
ac-solr Apache Solr container for Docker.
adminer Installs Adminer for Database management.
ansible Ansible for RedHat/CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu.
ansible-role-packer Packer for Linux
apache Apache 2.x for Linux.
apache-php-fpm Apache 2.4+ PHP-FPM support for Linux.
aws-inspector AWS Inspector installation for Linux.
awx Installs and configures AWX (Ansible Tower's open source version).
awx-container Ansible AWX container for Docker.
backup Backup for Simple Servers.
blackfire Blackfire installation for Linux
certbot Installs and configures Certbot (for Let's Encrypt).
clamav ClamAV installation and configuration.
collectd-signalfx SignalFx Collectd installation for Linux.
composer Composer PHP Dependency Manager
daemonize Daemonize for Unix-like operating systems
docker Docker for Linux.
dotfiles Dotfile installation for UNIX/Linux.
drupal Deploy or install Drupal on your servers.
drupal-console Drupal Console
drush Drush - command line shell for Drupal
elasticsearch Elasticsearch for Linux.
elasticsearch-curator Elasticsearch curator for Linux.
exim Exim installation for Linux.
filebeat Filebeat for Linux.
firewall Simple iptables firewall for most Unix-like systems.
git Git version control software
github-users Create users based on GitHub accounts.
gitlab GitLab Git web interface
glusterfs GlusterFS installation for Linux.
gogs Gogs: Go Git Service
haproxy HAProxy installation and configuration.
hdparm hdparm installation and configuration for Linux.
homebrew Homebrew for Mac OS X
htpasswd htpasswd installation and helper role for Linux servers.
java Java for Linux
jenkins Jenkins CI
kibana Kibana for Linux.
kubernetes Kubernetes for Linux.
logstash Logstash for Linux.
logstash-forwarder Logstash Forwarder for Linux.
mailhog MailHog for Linux
mas Mac App Store CLI installation for macOS
memcached Memcached for Linux
munin Munin monitoring server for RedHat/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu.
munin-node Munin node monitoring endpoint for RedHat/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu.
mysql MySQL server for RHEL/CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu.
nfs NFS installation for Linux.
nginx Nginx installation for Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.
nodejs Node.js installation for Linux
ntp NTP installation and configuration for Linux.
packer-debian Debian/Ubuntu configuration for Packer.
packer-rhel RedHat/CentOS configuration for Packer.
passenger Passenger installation for Linux/UNIX.
phergie Phergie - a PHP IRC bot
php PHP for RedHat/CentOS/Fedora/Debian/Ubuntu.
php-memcached PHP Memcached support for Linux
phpmyadmin phpMyAdmin installation for Linux
php-mysql PHP MySQL support for Linux.
php-pear PHP PEAR library installation.
php-pecl PHP PECL extension installation.
php-pgsql PHP PostgreSQL support for Linux.
php-redis PhpRedis support for Linux
php-tideways Tideways PHP Profiler Extension for Linux
php-versions Allows different PHP versions to be installed.
php-xdebug PHP XDebug for Linux
php-xhprof PHP XHProf for Linux
pimpmylog Pimp my Log installation for Linux
pip Pip (Python package manager) for Linux.
postfix Postfix for RedHat/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu.
postgresql PostgreSQL server for Linux.
puppet Puppet for Linux.
rabbitmq RabbitMQ installation for Linux.
raspberry-pi Configures a Raspberry Pi.
redis Redis for Linux
repo-dotdeb DotDeb repository for Debian.
repo-epel EPEL repository for RHEL/CentOS.
repo-puias PUIAS repository for RHEL/CentOS.
repo-remi Remi's RPM repository for RHEL/CentOS.
ruby Ruby installation for Linux.
samba Samba for RHEL/CentOS.
security Security software installation and configuration.
solr Apache Solr for Linux.
sonar SonarQube for Linux
sonar-runner Sonar Runner for Linux
ssh-chroot-jail Simple SSH chroot jail management.
supervisor Supervisor (process state manager) for Linux.
svn SVN web server for Linux
svn2git Svn2Git VCS conversion software for Linux.
swap Swap file and swap management for Linux.
tomcat6 Tomcat 6 for RHEL/CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu.
varnish Varnish for Linux.