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Role Description
ambertools Ambertools applications
ansible-role-idh-master Install the Identity Harmonization (IDH) service
ansible-role-liferay-iam Deployment of IAM authentication modules on a running Liferay instance version 7.0.x
biomarkers Installs the INDIGO Biomarkers application
calico Configure and run calico
cdmi Install CDMI
cdmi-s3-qos Install cdmi-s3-qos module
chronos Deploy Chronos Framework
cloud-info-provider Install and configure cloud-info-provider
clues Install Clues
cms_config Configure host for CMS: configure CVMFS, ENV Variables, TFC, Proxy, etc.
consul Deploy consul agent/server with dnsmasq
cvmfs-client Ansible role to setup a CernVM-FS client
cvmfs-server Ansible role to setup a CernVM-FS stratum zero repository
dariahrepo Deploy Dariah Repository on top of Mesos/Marathon
disvis-powerfit disvis and powerfit applications
docker Install docker engine
etcd Configure and run dockerized etcd
etcd-bm Install and run an etcd cluster on bare metal
eubiosteo Install a set of tools to use in for the Osteporosis use case in INDIGO-DC.
galaxycloud Install Galaxy workflow manager (production environment) on CentOS7 + postresql, nginx, uwsgi, proftpd
galaxycloud-fastconfig Galaxy configuration ansible role
galaxycloud-indigorepo Ansible role to manage INDIGO repository
galaxycloud-os OS configuration for indigo-dc.galaxycloud ansible role
galaxycloud-refdata Reference data configuration for indigo-dc.galaxycloud ansible role
galaxycloud-tooldeps Galaxy tool dependencies ansible role
galaxycloud-tools Galaxy tools installation for indigo-dc.galaxycloud ansible role
galaxy-tools Automate installation of tools into Galaxy.
hadoop Install a Hadoop Cluster
haproxy-consul Install haproxy-consul
im-client IM client tool
indigo-repo INDIGO-DataCloud repository deployment
jupyterhub Installs the JupyterHub server
keepalived Deploy keepalived docker container
kepler Kepler workflow engine
kepler-batch Kepler workflow engine
marathon Deploy Marathon
marathon-lb Configure and start marathon-lb container
mesos Deploy Mesos master/slave
nfs NFS server/client
nova-compute-node Openstack compute node installation
oneclient Install oneclient
openvpn Install OpenVPN to create hybrid clusters with EC3
ophidia-all Ophidia Big Data framework
ophidia-cluster Ophidia Cluster
ophidia-terminal ophidia-terminal client
os-controller Openstack controller
slurm Install SLURM cluster
spark-mesos Deploy Spark on Mesos through Marathon
tts Install WaTTS
zabbix-agent Install Zabbix agent in active mode
zookeeper Deploy zookeeper docker container