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Openstack compute node installation
Type Ansible
Minimum Ansible Version 2.0
Installation $ ansible-galaxy install indigo-dc.nova-compute-node
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EL 7
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Role Name

This role installs and configures a openstack nova compute node. This role allows to make a all-in installation, so that, it installs the compute node in a machine with an openstack controller installation (installing LIP-Computing.os-controller).


This role installs automatically the openstack centos packages:

  • centos-release-liberty
  • centos-release-qemu-ev
  • centos-release-ovirt36

Role Variables

openstack_all_in: It indicates installation all-in (controller and compute node in same host). If true it will make a minimal installation, because the host
has already installed most of the packages.
openstack_version: "liberty" version is supported
openstack_controller_host: controller hostname
openstack_compute_node_host: compute node hostname
openstack_cidr: openstack internal network CIDR
openstack_compute_node_ip: controller ip
openstack_controller_ip: compute node ip (can be the same as controller in all-in installation)

openstack_rabbit_host: rabbit host name
openstack_rabbit_user: rabbit username
openstack_rabbit_pass: rabbit password

openstack_admin_vip: administration host (could be openstack_controller_host in in all-in installation)
openstack_os_identity_api_version: openstack identification api version
openstack_ath_uri: public openstack authentication uri
openstack_ath_url: internal openstack authentication url

openstack_nova_keystone_password: keystone password for nova user.
openstack_neutron_keystone_password: keystone password for neutron user
openstack_keystone_auth_region: authentication region (RegionOne)

openstack_neutron_bridge_interface: openvswitch external bridge (br-ex)

Example Playbook

This is an example of all-in installation. We install the compute node in a machine with openstack controller installed. - hosts: localhost var: openstack_version: "liberty" openstack_controller_host: localhost openstack_compute_node_ip: openstack_controller_ip: penstack_cidr: openstack_all_in: True roles: - LIP-Computing.nova-compute-node


Apache 2.0

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