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Ronald Kurr
Auburn, NH
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Role Description
artifactory Artifactory artifact repository, open source version.
atlassian Installs the Atlassian stack
aws Amazon Web Services command-line tools.
base common plays used in many of my roles.
block-device Transforms raw storage into a working mounted partition.
cpp-developer C++ development tools and IDE.
docker-host Docker engine and command-line tools.
docker-keep-alive Systemd proces that watches the Docker daemon, ensuring its health.
dot-net-developer Rider IDE and command-line tools.
dsl-developer IDE and tools for developer domain-specific languages.
elastic-stack Elastic Stack, aka ELK stack.
go-developer Go Lang IDE and command-line tools.
hashicorp The "Hashistack", all the tools from HashiCorp.
javascript-developer JavaScript IDE and command-line tools.
jdk Oracle and Azul JDKs.
jvm-developer IDEs and command-line tools for JVM developers.
jvpn Juniper VPN software for Ubuntu.
logfaces Client and server for the logFaces log aggreator.
logstash Logstash portion of the Elastic Stack, aka ELK stack.
mongodb MongoDB document database.
mysql MySQL server.
node-js Node.js.
operations Tools and agents any operator needs.
os-limits Alter operatins system limits to better suit databases.
php-developer PHP IDE and command-line tools.
plex Plex media server.
python-developer Python IDEs and command-line tools.
rabbitmq RabbitMQ message broker.
redis Redis key-value database.
resilio-sync Resilio Sync, aka BitTorrent Sync.
rsync Rsync server.
ruby-developer Ruby IDE and command-line tools.
software-developer Command-line tools that any software developer needs.
sql-developer IDE and tools a SQL developer needs.
time Time related configuration
transparent-huge-pages MySQL server.
virtualbox Oracle's VirtulBox hypervisor.
vpc Amazon VPC with public and private subnets.