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Sam Doran
Ansible by Red Hat
Glen Allen, VA
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Role Description
ansible-pull Setup Ansible Pull using Ansible in push mode
ansible-role-fail2ban Fail2ban keeps the baddies out of your servers
ansibullbot Ansible issue and pull request bot
cachewarmer Install CacheWarmer
certbot Certbot generates and renews TLS certificates automatically.
elasticsearch Elasticsearch is a highly scalable open-source full-text search and analytics engine.
elasticsearch-curator Elasticsearch Curator helps manage Elasticsearch indices.
firewall Install and configure the firewall on Ubuntu, CentOS, or XenServer
gitlab Install GitLab CE Omnibus
java Install Java
jboss-datagrid Install JBoss Data Grid
jboss-eap Install Red Hat JBoss EAP
jboss-fuse Install JBoss Fuse on EAP
kibana Kibana is a powerful and flexible analytics platform.
logstash Logstash is a powerful and flexible data processing engine.
mongodb Install and configure MongoDB
nexpose Install Nexpose Console or Engine.
nscd Install the Name Service Cache Daemon
packer-rhel Configure a RHEL Vagrant box to be packaged by Packer
pgsql-replication Configure PostgreSQL replication between two nodes
rancid-git RANCID 2 fork with Git support. Also includes customizations for snapshotting many more devices than the main project, such as Vyatta, F5, Dell, and Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch to name a few.
redhat-subscription Manage Red Hat subscription and repositories.
redis Install redis, in in-memory data structure store.
repo-epel Install Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux Repository
repo-remi Install Remi Repository
rsyslog Install rsyslog on EL 5 and 6 as a shipper and/or collector.
yum-cron Configure automatic yum updates